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  • Tenth anniversary celebrations - January

  • Functions on 24th & 25th January

  • Functions on 26th & 27th January

  • Lead upto Muniji Resumption of Seclusion, 17th & 19th February

The Life Mission family celebrated the Mission’s tenth anniversary and Muniji’s Diamond Jubilee in January 2007. The Divyayatan Spiritual Center and All Faiths Prayer Hall were also consecrated during the festival. Several facilities along with the permanent residence of the newly built headquarters of the Mission were commissioned.


Thus, the five day celebrations at Rajrajeshardham will be remembered in the annals of the lineage as a watershed year. A new pilgrimage place has come into being. Life Mission has settled down in its new home at Rajrajeshwardham. The institutional infrastructure that Muniji had planned as being minimally necessary to support the service goals of the Mission is substantially in place. 



“Daan is a friend of one destined to die”. “Daan is the principle abode of fame”. “Daan is the ‘param ashray’ (“supreme shelter”). (From the Mahabharat, Van Parva, Yaksha-Yudhishthir Samvad).