Swami Pranavanand

Swami Pranavanand received spiritual initiation from this timeless being in 1913 and in this manner this spiritual tradition was revived and acquired the profound secrets of Divine Yoga. Swami Pranavanand spent his sannyas life in the secluded practice of Divine Yoga and conquered hunger and thirst. Subsequently he imparted the knowledge of Divine Yoga to Swami Kripalvanand in 1931, installing the latter as Yogacharya and the third Kulguru in the modern day spiritual lineage of Lord Lakulish.

Swami Pranavanand is considered the second guru of this lineage.  He spent the period of his spiritual practice only in the secluded practice of yoga and meditation as befits the highest class of sannyasi in search of final salvation.  Instead of becoming a preacher he spent his life in the study and practice of the priceless knowledge of yoga received from his divine guru and attained a very high stage of progress. He conquered hunger and thirst, a major accomplishment in the spiritual practice of yoga.

Swami Pranavanand in turn passed on the profound mysteries of divine yoga to his own chosen disciple Swami Kripalvanand in 1931. (For more, read Swami Pranavanand).