Life Mission Message

Life Mission would fulfill these aims by the following means:

  • Desist from the blind chase after material wealth and sense gratification, which does not bring true happiness. The foolish seek wealth, the wise seek perfection.

  • Seek shelter in moral, cultural and spiritual values, which lead to real happiness, the joys of heaven and earth combined.

  • Cultivate Simplicity, Selflessness, Sacrifice and Purity. Merits are better than riches.

  • A bad way has a bad end .Think good, do good and be good.

  • Perform the Daily Rituals and Spiritual Disciplines. They strengthen religious faith and lead to salvation.

  • Know that the whole of mankind is one family and live a life of usefulness to fellowmen. Service to people is Service to God.



“Indian culture can even today receive respect and welcome everywhere and can guide the whole world because it is based on fundamental principles which can be found acceptable by all mankind. This way Indian culture has the capacity to become the culture of mankind”.