Mean to Achieve Aims

Life Mission would fulfill these aims by the following means:

  • By forming cadres of workers comprised of various classes of renunciate and non-renunciate initiated disciples and setting up Mission Sanskar Kendras (Culture Centers) throughout the world to prosecute a global campaign to spread moral, ethical, spiritual and cultural values.

  • By undertaking scientific teaching, training and extension of yoga and creating institutional capability for the same. 

  • By arranging public and private discourses of renowned spiritual persons on philosophical, cultural and spiritual matters to sensitize and awaken people towards cultural, moral, spiritual and ethical values.

  • By spreading cultural, social and spiritual enlightenment through production and dissemination of appropriate literature and such other means.

  • By undertaking community service and development works for public benefit 



“Indian culture can even today receive respect and welcome everywhere and can guide the whole world because it is based on fundamental principles which can be found acceptable by all mankind. This way Indian culture has the capacity to become the culture of mankind”.