Swami Kripalvanand

After receiving Yoga Diksha or initiation in the profound mysteries of Divine Yoga from Swami Pranavanand in 1931, Swami Kripalvanand faithfully practiced yoga sadhana for forty years and observed silence for nearly twenty three years. In 1956 the Divine Guru Lord Lakulish appeared before him during meditation and gave a command to construct a new temple and work for the resurgence of Indian culture.  (For more, read Divine Command) In compliance of the command of his divine Guru he had a new Lakulish temple constructed at Kayavarohan and performed the pran prathishta (ceremonial installation) of the idol-cum-linga there and so reactivated this ancient teertha (pilgrimage place). Likewise, in compliance of the command of his Guru, he propagated the spiritual principles of Sanatan Dharma in India and abroad for the resurgence of Indian culture. This is a vast task and no one person can accomplish it in his lifetime. Swami Kripalvanand attained nirvana in 1981, leaving the work of resurgence of culture unfinished. (For more, read Swami Kripalavanand).