The Benefits of Joining the Lakulish Fellowship

Any person joining any of the cadres of the Lakulish Fellowship and rendering active service in the work of the mission will be adding to his own stock of spiritual merit.  Even a small good work earns spiritual reward but more specially it can also inspire thousands of others. The result of even a small work, if done with the spirit of service, is auspicious. Those interested can undertake such small but auspicious and spiritually rewarding works by becoming active workers in the Life Mission.  In this manner they will be able to give succor to others while experiencing satisfaction themselves.  In addition, those desiring to do so can receive mantra initiation in a great spiritual lineage whose first Guru is Lord Lakulish himself and whose spiritual heads have all been advanced yogis. They thus receive the benefit of spiritual guidance necessary for spiritual advancement. (Read Mantra Diksha)