Divine Yoga

Yoga is a perfect technique for attaining liberation from the cycle of repetitive births, existences, deaths and migrations, passing beyond the law of universal causality and freeing oneself from the bonds of the human condition preceding the true union of the soul with God. The ultimate aim of yoga is not the possessing of metaphysical knowledge or supreme metaphysical experience, but immortality and the creation of a new body – a divine body, with the help of which the yogi enters into the transcendent and eternal mode of being. This is the classic Divine yoga that Indian sages have known from time immemorial. The validity of this Divine yoga has been sufficiently tested over the centuries by the great yogis who succeeded in attaining the divine body. The justification of the formulation of a divine body, from a theoretical point of view, can be found in Shvetashvatar Upnishad (one of the high ranking ancient Upnishads attached to Yajurved) as follows:


“When one is engaged in five-fold qualities of yoga, withstanding and rising above the elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether – there is no longer disease, old age or death for him who has attained a body perfected by the fire of yoga”. In yoga parlance, the body made of five gross elements, is unripe (aparipakva), corruptible and destructible, while that baked in the fire of yoga is considered to be ripe (pakva), incorruptible and indestructible. The ripe body is the body par excellence, known as the Divine body (Divya deha).


This clearly distinguishes between the elements of earthly body that dies, and the elements which never forsake the soul even at death. The elements which always accompany the soul entail as the consequence that the absolute power, imperishability and immortality become accessible to human beings. The elements belonging to the immortal divine body are the energy or active power and the pure light of the Spirit. Thus the divine body is wholly spiritual; when the earthly body is transformed into the divine body it loses the five gross elements and no longer belongs to matter. The course of life which advances towards death is reverted towards immortality, through such transformation.


The adept yogi who strives to attain the immortal divine body, first works to control the breath through Pranayam, which in turn secures immobility of semen, and later masters complete suspension of respiration (keval kumbhak), which is manifested by Khechari Mudra. It is said about the Khechari Mudra that one who accomplishes it , never wastes semen and also makes the reverse flow of semen possible, implying the reversal of psycho-physiological processes. Thus the manifestation of Khechari Mudra is the real entrance for gaining immortality. When the adept yogi succeeds in reverting the flow of semen, the exquisite body is materialized transforming the mortal physical body into the divine immortal body. This is mahajnana (the highest secret) of the Divine Yoga that can nullify even the decree of Yama, the Lord of death.


The Khechari Mudra which is the key for attaining the divine body enjoys celebrity status among all the mudras and other practices of yoga. It involves cutting of the frenum, turning the tongue backward, inserting it into the cavity above the palate and pressing the tip of the tongue against the base of the skull to make a hole in it and finally leading the tongue to the top of the head. Its practice restores health and prevents all diseases, brings back youth, makes the gray hair black again and extends the longevity beyond imagination. In the Hathyoga Pradipika it is mentioned as follows:


“He who knows the practice of Khechari Mudra becomes devoid of diseases, death, lassitude, sleep, hunger, thirst and stupor”.(3:38).


The science and practice of Khechari Mudra is not easily available since the adept masters (Gurus) knowing the Divine Yoga are rare. Moreover, the knowledge of Khechari Mudra is kept a profound secret. It is revealed by the adept master only to the deserving aspirant. In the Yoga Kundali Upanishad it is said as follows:


“One who is able to teach the Divine Yoga is the adept master (Guru). One should go to the place where he lives and learn the science of Khechari Mudra”. (2:16). Again, it is said, “This science of Khechari Mudra is very difficult to obtain. Until the aspirant gets it, he should wander over the earth (in search of it)”. (2:12).


What is found in yoga texts about the Khechari Mudra is far from adequate. Its real technique and process are always kept secret. The true science of Khechari Mudra is taught only to an aspirant who is spiritually prepared, and that too only by word of mouth.


Lakulish spiritual tradition is fortunate to receive the secret technique and mysterious procedure of Khechari Mudra as well as the science of divine body from none other than Lord Lakulish, the twenty-eighth incarnation of Lord Shiva, the originator of the Divine Yoga. In Yoga Kundali Upanishad it is said, “He who teaches this science (of Khechari Mudra) and its practice should be regarded as Shiva”.


Lord Lakulish initiated Swami Pranavanand in 1913 and the latter initiated Swami Kripalvanand in 1931 A.D. and taught the profound secrets of Divine Yoga and Khechari Mudra to him. Swami Kripalvanand practiced this yoga for many years and in 1971 he passed on the same secrets to his disciple Swami Rajarshi Muni, who is the present Spiritual Head (Kulguru) of the Lakulish Spiritual tradition and also the founder of LIFE Mission. Swami Rajarshi Muni has arduously practiced Divine Yoga ever since his initiation and has accomplished Khechari Mudra. At present he is engaged in the most difficult phase of transforming the physical body into the exquisite divine body.


  “The highest goal of life can be attained only when human effort and divine grace combine. Before gaining anything, its price has to be paid. Before achieving liberation, it is necessary to work for the public weal so as to pay off the debt owed to the people”.