Lakulish Institute of Yoga


Yoga – The Oldest Known Science

Yoga is the most ancient science of India. It is the science of physical, mental and spiritual development. It is a scientific technique for the all-round development of human personality. In fact it constitutes the most important aspects of human life. Hence it can be said to be a science as ancient as mankind.


Yoga - The Essence of Human Existence

Yoga can bring about a fundamental transformation in an individual. Through yoga a closer contact with the inner unlimited reservoir of pure and subtle Energy can be established and thereby one’s true and universal nature can be identified. Through its methodical practice one can obtain deep and intimate knowledge about one’s own Self and develop into a fully evolved being. Yoga can affect one’s inner life by expanding awareness and raising the level of consciousness. By way of unfolding the higher potentialities of the mind and the heart, yoga enriches practically all aspects of human life. Thus yoga orientates life towards the realization of the perennial values of human existence.


Universality of Yoga

It will be a misnomer to identify yoga with any religion or a dogma. It is not a religion since it is non-sectarian in principles and universal in application. Nor is it a dogma, since it is a scientific process of inner evolution bringing about the growth or expansion of consciousness. Yoga is the path leading from darkness to Light, from ignorance to Knowledge and from illusion to Reality. Therefore it is for all seekers of truth, irrespective of their religions. The yogic way of life is meant for the all mankind. That is why yoga has produced a profound impact on people all over the world irrespective of their race, religion of nationality.


The Institute

The Institute has been established since November 1976, by Swami Kripalvanand with the objective of contributing to human well-being by way of inculcating and propagating yogic ideas and the yogic way of life all over the world. It aims at offering yoga education and providing facilities for research in the field of yoga. It is a non-profit, non-sectarian and internationally known Institute. It provides yogic training to all aspirants, regardless of their gender, caste, creed, race, religion or nationality.


This institution is graced by the divine incarnation Lord Lakulish and incorporates the God - conceived principles of Divine Yoga. Swami Kripalvanand spent most of his time in seclusion practicing and researching in yoga for nearly forty years. His rich experience and profound wisdom are the sources of invaluable inspiration and guidance for the Institute. His chief disciple and spiritual successor Swami Rajarshi Muni who designed the courses and conducted the Institute in the initial period has been the guiding force behind the Institute’s activities over the years since inception. The Institute is a part of the Life Mission set up from 1993 onwards.


  • Educational Activities of the Institute

The Institute provides for systematic, theoretical and practical instructions in various aspects of yoga Education. The training is imparted in an easy and methodical way. Various courses are rationally devised to suit the requirements of the students at different levels of growth. Successful completion of the Institute’s seminars and courses qualifies participants to become certified yoga teachers.

  • Fees and Hostel Facilities

No tuition fees are charged for any of the Institute’s courses. Boarding and lodging facilities are provided to the students at a nominal, non-commercial charge.

  • Equipment and Staff

This Institute provides adequate facilities of class rooms, demonstration halls and the necessary equipment for Yoga practicals. It is well equipped with library, laboratory, exhibits, models and audio-visual aids, all backed up by the services of experienced and skilled staff, who are trained and qualified yoga teachers and practitioners.

  • Serene Atmosphere

Under the ever present divine grace of Lord Lakulish, subtle inspiration of Swami Kripalvanand and guidance of Swami Rajarshi Muni, this Institute offers an atmosphere conducive to peace and spiritual growth.


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Courses conducted by the Institute

  • First Level Certificate Course – 25 Days

First Yoga Seminar

Second Yoga Seminar

Third Yoga Seminar

Fourth Yoga Seminar

  • Second Level Certificate Course – 35 Days

Fifth Yoga Seminar

Sixth Yoga Seminar

  • Diploma Course – 45 Days

  • Jnana, Bhakti, Karma Yoga Course – 2 Weeks

  • Yoga – Ayurved Combined Course – 14 Days

  • Daily Rituals Course – 7 Days

  • Preliminary Yoga Course – 7 Days

  • Kishor Yoga Course – 2 Days

  • Kids’ Yoga Seminar – 1 Day