Yoga Books

Yoga Books Life Mission is the executive arm of a spiritual lineage of Lord Lakulish distinguished by many unique features, including the fact that it has received the deepest mysteries of yoga from Lord Lakulish himself and that all its spiritual heads are advanced yogis. Propagating awareness and practice of the ancient science of yoga is one of the aims of the lineage and of Life Mission. Its present spiritual head has written extensively on yoga, the works flowing from personal experience based on arduous yoga practice. Many of them reaffirm yet once again the ancient truths as validated on the anvil of his own sadhana. His following works are addressed to audiences of all ages and al stages of readiness for practice and directly deal with the subject of yoga. The works are variously available in different languages (for details please read Mission Publications).

  • Awakening the Life Force

  • Classical Hatha Yoga

  • Divine Body Through Yoga

  • Let Us Be a Little Yogi (For Children)

  • Yoga Experiences

  • Yoga, Key to Health

  • Arogya Ni Chavi, Yoga (Gujarati)

  • Chalo Bal Yogi Baniye (Gujarati)

  • Chalo Yoga Sikhiye (Gujarati)

  • Karma, Gyan, Bhakti Yoga (Gujarati)

  • Mila Repa, Tibet Na Mahan Yogi (Gujarati)

  • Shaktipat (Gujarati)

  • Yoganubhuti (Gujarati)

  • Yoga Aur Ayurved (Gujarati)

  • Yoga Darshika. (Gujarati)

  • Yoga Darshika Prarambhik. (Gujarati)

  • Yoga Darshika Dvitiya. (Gujarati)

  • Yoga Darshika Tritiya (Gujarati)

  • Yoga Darshika Chaturth(Gujarati)

  • Yoga Darshika Pancham (Gujarati)

  • Yoga Darshika Sashtam(Gujarati)

  • Yoga Darshika Saptam (Gujarati)

  • Yoga Dwara Divya Deh (Gujarati)

  • Yoga Ek Naam Anek (Gujarati)


Other Institutions for Promotion of Yoga

Life Mission has set up or sponsored the creation of several institutions and organizations. In addition to the Mission itself, it also runs and manages the Lakulish Yoga Vidyalay. It has sponsored the setting up of various legal entities in the nature of registered Public Charitable Trusts at several levels, from District to State and National and International. Thus, ten Yoga and Culture Associations have been formed in Gujarat and five in Rajasthan and others are in the process of formation in several other states of India. The Gujarat and Rajasthan Yoga and Culture Associations have similarly been formed as also an Indian Federation of Yoga and Culture and an International Federation of Yoga and Culture. The purpose of all these is to strengthen the infrastructure and organizational support for activities to fulfill the aims and objects of Life Mission