Life Mission Culture Centre

The Life Mission Culture Center is a core concept of the Mission organization and its work. It is the institutional heart around which the Members of the Fellowship are organized and by which they are bound together in a shared mission and enterprise. Given the spiritual calling mandated to the lineage, namely, to spread the ethical, moral, spiritual and cultural values of the Sanatan Dharma throughout the world,  it was considered essential that the volunteers of the lineage themselves first strive to imbibe these values so that they are qualified to pass them on to others. In addition, the Mission Center concept has also serves as an arrangement to provide the Members of the Fellowship with a means for their own personal spiritual advancement.  Thus, the Center is not only a place where the Members gather to advance their own knowledge of the ethical, moral, spiritual and cultural values of the Sanatan Dharma but also one where they undertake community spiritual practice for their own spiritual benefit. There are 1685 Mission Culture Centers in ten Indian States and Union Territories and in Nepal, U.S.A, U.K. and Canada with a membership of 62497 initiated disciples. Read Life Mission Centers.


“If the ascetics imprison the seeds of morality, religion and spiritualism in the safes of their hearts, then such confined seeds cannot germinate. Where then is the question of such seeds becoming trees or yielding flowers or fruits?”.