Purpose of Culture Centre

Swami Rajarshi Muni founded Life Mission to organize the task of carrying out the divine command received by him to undertake a worldwide spiritual and cultural reawakening campaign. The Mission Culture Centers are one of the ground level instrumentalities for organizing the field effort to achieve the Mission 's spiritual mandate which includes seva or service of humanity. They also provide a means to members of the Fellowship to meet their own spiritual needs at the individual, personal, level and serve as a link between members of the Fellowship as well as between the Fellowship and the community it seeks to serve.


The Mission carries out its work through these Culture Centers. These represent the institutional arrangement to extend the outreach of the Mission to the field and make its services available to all those desiring to avail of them. They also represent the Mission 's presence among the people on a continuing basis so that through them the community can continue to derive benefit of the Mission 's programs and services. The Mission remains in constant touch with these centers through a supervisory mechanism and through a monthly Newsletter.