Other Useful Activities

Apart from the 60-minute program for individual spiritual betterment, the Members of Mission Culture Centers may undertake any, many or all of the following activities in order to serve the community:


    1. Awaken community awareness to the benefits of good mental and physical health through the ancient Indian yogic techniques of Asans (postures), Pranayams (breath control) and Shatkarmas (cleansing processes), and impart instruction and training in these through qualified personnel. This should cover members of the community of all ages without distinction of caste, creed, gender or belief and persuasion.
    2. Encourage and undertake activities for the mental and physical development of the younger generation through sport and such disciplines.
    3. Aid and assist the deprived and disadvantaged by all possible ways and means, and in particular those constituting the student community.
    4. Actively encourage and propagate the end of socially harmful customs and practices.
    5. Propagate the non-use of alcohol and other harmful substances.
    6. Actively encourage and propagate the end of lavish spending and ostentatious consumption.
    7. Propagate the values and benefits of simple living and high thinking.
    8. Do all such things as are conducive to the preservation of time-tested cultural values and the establishment of an environment based on spiritual and moral principles.