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The Mission has been entrusted by Lord Lakulish with a vast mandate. It was considered that one of the primary methods of spreading the Mission message both within and outside the lineage would be through mass communication. Arranging public and private discourses of renowned spiritual persons on cultural and spiritual matters and through production and dissemination of appropriate literature and other instruments is a specific goal built into the Mission strategy for achieving its objectives. In the event, the task fell mostly on the shoulders of the Spiritual Head himself. Swami Rajarshi Muni has presented the teachings of the Sanatan Dharma through literally thousands of public and private discourses over the past decade and more, supplemented by over a hundred published titles. Read Mission Publications. Some of his selected discourses and the poetic outpourings of his spiritual and yoga experiences have been presented both in print and audio media and made available to the public. 


“A seed is always ready for self-effacement and thereby produce many more seeds. In the same manner, the ascetic must allow the seeds of morality, religion and spirituality to germinate and engage himself in activities that will enable others to experience such sprouting, by becoming an instrument of the universal power”.