Work Record of Life Mission and Future Plans

Established 1685 Mission Culture Centers with a membership of 62497 disciples in India and abroad. See table below.


Territory Centers Members


1060 48868


248 8035


124 1450

Madhya Pradesh

19 493

Bihar State

171 3050

Uttar Pradesh

7 88


14 105

Delhi State

1 25

Dadra Nagar Haveli

4 79


20 109


14 105


3 48


1 42



  • (Mission Spiritual Head has spent several hundred days in travel in India and the neighboring country of Nepal between 1995 and 2007. He has visited hundreds of towns, cities and villages where he has established Mission Culture Centers and initiated disciples into the Lakulish Fellowship. Another over 100,000 members have been initiated independently of the Centers, in the course of his travels and at the ashrams).


  • Public discourses given by Spiritual Head on  Indian Philosophy, Culture and Spiritual Thought: 1500+.

  • Private discourses given by Spiritual Head on Indian Philosophy, Culture and Spiritual Thought: 450+.

  • Undertook Yoga Training, Education and Extension.

    • Conducted 2360 Yoga Courses for 124357 participants.

    • Organized Yoga Therapy Camps: 4  (Beneficiaries 2044).

    • Organized Yoga Public Demonstrations: 413  (Combined Audience 430,846).  


  • Organized free tuition classes for primary school students in the villages: 7. (Continuing) Needy students are provided stationary and clothing free of cost. 

  • Organized free health checkups and therapeutic camps.

    • Ayurveda Camps 41 (Beneficiaries,  3176).

    • Eye Camps 7, (Beneficiaries,  1126 ).

    • Blood Donation Camps: 3 (Donors,  195).


  • Organized free Nityakarma (daily rituals) training camps: 20 (Persons Trained, 681).

  • Organized free Nritya (classical dance) camps: 51 (Persons Trained, 384).

  • Inter-District Sports Tournaments: Cricket –7, Volley-ball – 7; Garba competitions – 7.

  • In all 104 book titles have been published up to March 2007. These have been widely read within the Mission community and among the people and have contributed vastly to the spread of awareness of the ancient Indian science of yoga and the eternal Indian culture and religion.

  • Prepared and issued for public use over 200 audio-cassettes and CD’s of devotional hymns, spiritual songs, spiritual discourses etc..

  • Completed and commissioned in January 2007 first stage development of Mission’s International Headquarters RAJRAJESHWARDHAM at Jakhan Village on National Highway # 8 near Limbdi, in Surendranagar District of Gujarat State.          


Future Plan

  • Embrace the world: extend Mission outreach worldwide to reach the global family by all possible means;

  • Continue development of Rajrajeshwardham, the International Headquarters at Jakhan;

  • Augment international component of Yoga training program and complete the second of its planned two Yoga Institutes;

  • Continue the work of extending the Lakulish Fellowship  and network of Culture Centers nationally and internationally;

  • Push on rigorously with community developments works;

  • Rigorously pursue Mission program of production and dissemination  of spiritual and educational material.


Mankind can progress only if human conduct finds basis in ethical, moral and spiritual values, which are the three pillars of culture. Ethical behavior is the foundation of culture; righteousness is its mansion and spirituality is its rooftop”.