Lakulish Avatar

Of his Lakulish avatar, Bhagwan Lakulish, the twenty-eighth incarnation, it is said as follows in the Shiv Purana: “During the twenty-eighth Dwapar age when Dwaipayan, son of Parasar, shall be Vyas and Lord Vishnu shall incarnate as Lord Krishna, son of Vasudev, I too shall incarnate in the body of a celibate and shall be known as Lakulish. The place of my incarnation shall be a siddhakshetra and it shall be renowned among men till the earth shall last”.

This prophesy came to pass nearly 4500 years ago when Lord Lakulish incarnated on earth at Kayavarohan (near the city of Vadodara in Gujarat) as was foretold by Him. He preached the principles of Sanatan Dharm and the science of Divine Yoga. He himself departed the earth in due time but the purpose of his incarnation continued to be served by four adept yogi disciples, Kushik, Garg, Mitr and Kaurush. The tradition is believed to have flourished for about three thousand years. Eventually however, with the passage of time, the teachings of this tradition ceased.

In 1913, an event of extraordinary spiritual import occurred. Bhagwan Lakulish himself once again revived his spiritual lineage for arranging the execution of certain lofty and nobles plans he had for the benefit of human beings by initiating Swami Pranavananda and imparting to him the secrets of Divine Yoga. The present day disciplic tradition of Lord Lakulish so started survives to this day and is presently headed by Swami Rajarshi Muni. (For more on the Gurus of the lineage read Swami Pranavanand, Swami Kripalavananda, Swami Rajarshi Muni).