Community Development Projects

Spread & Management

Life Mission is a relatively new organization. The time so far since inception has been devoted largely to creating and cultivating the Fellowship and laying down the infrastructure needed for its work. However, a far-reaching and ambitious Community Development Project is on the Mission’s agenda of work that will extend Mission outreach to the far flung rural areas and significantly touch lives to make a difference for the better. The present draft of the Project envisages 180 village based development efforts (representing ten percent of the State’s villages) where the backup support of an organized Mission Center is available. Each Project Center will cater to a cluster of ten adjoining villages. Thus, the full rural base of the State is brought into the Project’s ambit. Twelve Divisional Offices are envisaged, one for every fifteen rural centers, so that the projects receive organized administrative supervision, direction and control. The pyramidical structure is topped off by six Regional Centers, one for every two Divisional Offices and thirty Village Centers. The State level Project Headquarters will be at Rajrajeshwardham.



A nine-year phasing is built into the draft project, three stages of three years each, with a modest start in the first year and a reasonable acceleration in the following two. Project costs are expected to be met out of community contribution and participation and contributions from within the country and outside. Thirty, sixty and ninety Village Centers are planned to be set up in each group of three years from year of start. The corresponding calendar for the Divisional Offices would be two, four and six in each group of three years. The Headquarters and five Regional Offices are already in place.



The full project cost envisaged is Rupees 5635 million, comprised of Rupees 570 million by way of community participation and donation and Rupees 5064 million by way of other donor contribution.



The Project is designed to deliver the following benefits to the villages:

  • Free Tuition Center

  • Free Adult Education Center

  • Yoga Training Center

  • Technical Training Center

  • Vocational Training Center

  • Medical/Health Center

  • Extension & Demonstration Center For Agriculture/Animal Husbandry/Forestry/Environment Sectors

  • Village Community Hall.

  • Reading Room and Library

  • Mission Culture Center 



“A seed is always ready for self-effacement and thereby produce many more seeds. In the same manner, the ascetic must allow the seeds of morality, religion and spirituality to germinate and engage himself in activities that will enable others to experience such sprouting, by becoming an instrument of the universal power”.