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Swami Rajarshi Muni's prolific written output since his sannyas has been vast. It is some indication of the scale of his writings that he wrote a 1400-page single manuscript on Classical Hatha Yoga during 1978-81 which eventually had to be presented as three separate titles due mainly to the sheer volume of the work. Spiritual verses have emanated from his pen since his earliest years as a renunciant, the annual output being about thirty such creations. These are works of great piety, most of them being an outward expression of his deep spiritual experiences in the course of his sadhana. Many present the deeper secrets and meanings of yoga practice; many, again, are versified sermons on the spiritual way. Initially all these were made available on audio cassettes. With the easier availability of more advanced technologies and means of production, these are now being presented as compact disks. Presently available CD's include a collection of twenty-four CD's containing ninety-six bhajans set to Indian Classical Music and so designed that the collection covers a composition or more for each hour of a twenty-four hour cycle according to the time restrictions of the Indian Classical Music system. (See Supplement of 28 May issue of India Today for a review of this collection). “The album goes beyond any other thus far and teaches the listeners which raga is meant to be heard at which hour and why”. “The album is a great treat for anyone with a keen interest in classical music or with a spiritual bent of mind”. This collection is entitled “Bhakti Rasamrut” and all compositions are rendered by Mansur Valera, a noted radio and TV artist hailing from a family of musicians who were court musicians of the former Morbi State in Saurashtra. The listing below contains the names of titles in various categories now available in CD form. Audio cassettes are also available and inquiries about these can be addressed to Life Mission at its email address. Barring exceptions, all renditions are by Mansur Valera and his family group.

Sant Samagam Sacho Rs. 35
Dhanushya Ko Parth Uthha Lo Rs. 35
Ram Bhajan Rs. 35
Vage Chhe Vraj Ma Vansadli Rs. 35
Prem Ras Pyala Rs. 35
Bhakti Vandana 1 Rs. 35
Bhakti Vandana 2 Rs. 35
Bhakti Vandana 3 Rs. 35
Snehlila Rs. 35
Manadu Tharyu Mohan Ma Rs. 35
Apni Mauj Me Rahena Rs. 35
Bhajan Anmol (Hemant Chauhan) Rs. 45
Natkhat Nandlal (Hemant Chauhan) Rs. 70
Anmol Moti (Hemant Chauhan) Rs. 45
Sudhabindu (Gujarati) (MP3) Rs. 70
Sudhabindu (Hindi) (MP3) Rs. 70
Kanudo Rs. 35
Sachu Bolo Shyam Rs. 35

Maya Kyan Thi Avi Rs. 35
Nazar Thari Chee Jam Per Rs. 35
Jam Bhari De Sakia Rs. 35
Dhun Sankirtan Rs. 35
Dhun Satsang Rs. 35

Bhajans in Indian Classical Mode
Kar Le Tun Khoj Dil Men Rs. 35
Sabak Sikhaun Tuje Aaj Rs. 35
Radhe Krishna Beech Hui Ladai Rs. 35
Kaise Karun Paar Rs. 35
Chheen Chheen Makhan Khave Rs. 35
Raat Ko Sapne Main Rs. 35
Kaise Jaun Bharne Ko Neer Rs. 35
Sanvaria (VCD) Rs. 50
Mooratia Manhar Rs. 35
Gagaria Pe Na Maro Kankar Rs. 35
Naiya Laga Do Paar Rs. 35
Bichhad Kyun Banke Bihari Rs. 35
Dil Le Gayo Vo Nand Dularo Rs. 35
Chalo Hato Nandji Ke Chhail Rs. 35
Sun Mori Sakhi Ri Rs. 35
Mori Chhu-o Na Baiyan Rs. 35
Sarvakaleen Bhakti Rasamrut (Set of 24 CD's, Bhajans in Classical Raga mode for every hour) Rs. 600

Prabhu Prarthana Rs. 35
Shloka recitatios
Guru Gita Rs. 45

Bharatiya Sanskrity (MP3) Rs. 75
Yoga Trayee (MP3) Rs. 100

Guru Govind Poojan Rs. 35