Lakulish Institute of Yoga

  • Established in 1976 by Swami Kripalvanand, with syllabus, curriculum, evaluation methods, criteria and tools designed by Swami Rajarshi Muni, an advanced yogi. 

  • The Institute is blessed with the grace of the divine incarnation Lord Lakulish in furtherance of whose divine desire it is founded and incorporates God-conceived principles of Divine Yoga.

  • It aims at offering yoga education to all aspirants regardless of age, gender, caste, race, religion or nationality.

  • It also aims at providing facilities for research in the field of yoga.

  • The courses offered by the Institute are well designed to provide systematic theoretical and practical training to aspirants in various aspects of classical yoga.

  • The Institute offers nine types of courses (Read Lakulish Institute of Yoga) which include Certification courses at two levels as well as Diploma Courses.

  • The Institute grants recognition to centers elsewhere if they satisfy the conditions laid down by the Institute as regards quality standards, syllabi, methods of instruction etc.



“Never should the deepest secrets and mysteries of yoga be revealed without ascertaining the actual status of the practitioner. Only fully realized yogis know the mysteries of this most secret Divine Yoga. When a practitioner achieves adequate progress in the practice of khechari mudra, some fully realized guru in that tradition imparts to him this secret knowledge. In the absence of this secret knowledge no practitioner can cross the boundary into Divine Yoga merely on the strength of pran shakti”.