Publications in Hindi

  1. Arogya ki Chabi Yoga

  2. Ayurved Parichay

  3. Bharatiya Sanatan Sanskrity

  4. Chalo Bal Yogi Bane

  5. Guru Kise Banaoge

  6. Karma, Gyan, Bhakti Yoga (Parts 1 & 2)

  7. Mahateerth Kayavarohan

  8. Manav Jeevan Yatra

  9. Meri Guru Parampara

  10. Nityakarm

  11. Saat Samandar Paar

  12. Shaktipat

  13. Shishya Kaisa Ho?

  14. Shri Guru Govind Poojan

  15. Sudhabindu Bhajanavali

  16. Tibet Ke Mahan Yogi Mila Repa

  17. Yoga Darshika Dvitiya

  18. Yoga Aur Ayurved

  19. Yoga Darshika

  20. Yoga Dwara Divya Deh

  21. Yoga Ek Naam Anek  

(Unless Otherwise Stated, All Titles Listed are by Swami Rajarshi Muni)


Arogya ki Chabi Yoga
Paperback, 14x21 cm., 39 pages. Rupees 15
Ancient Indian Sages and Saints have recommended yoga as the key to health and happiness. This little but eminently useful booklet is designed to securing a healthy and happy life for anyone who cares to put its prescriptions into practice. It briefly explains the “ bahirangas ” or external parts of ashtang yoga and the importance of brahmcharya and mitahar (celibacy and moderation in diet) and proceeds to lay out a one-week course of practice of yogasans designed to secure a high state of good health. A weekly regimen of thirty asans is delineated, backed by an account of the benefits of each. Photographic illustration of each asan is also provided.

Ayurved Parichay.
Paperback, 12x18 cm., 87 pages. Rupees 25
A basic text on the ancient Indian health science of Ayurved which holds out the promise of a perfectly healthy body and mind. It briefly mentions the classic authorities on the subject, the essential parameters of the science and the elementary diagnostic methods and extensively recommends the practices and dietary prescriptions for a healthy living.

Chalo Bal Yogi Bane
Paperback, 12x18 cm., 20 pages. Rupees 5
Yoga is not just for the seeker of liberation but for the welfare of the entire human race. It is equally useful for people of all ages from children to the elderly. Yoga keeps the body and mind in a state of good health, improves the body's capabilities and improves mental concentration and personality. It makes an ordinary person into an extraordinary one. That is why we should incorporate yoga into our daily lives. To facilitate this, Life Mission has made available many texts on the practice of yoga This is one of a few texts designed specially for children.

Shri Guru Govind Poojan.
Paperback,14x21.5 cm., 21 pages. Rupees 5
Indian Scriptures say that every human being inherits three debts from the very moment of its birth, those to God, the Spirits of the Ancestors and to human beings. They further enjoin that certain daily rituals must be performed to square up the unsettled account of these debts. Six such daily rituals are prescribed. Daily worship of God in accordance with prescribed procedure is one of them. This book delineates the sixteen steps to formal worship as enjoined by the Scriptures.

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Shri Hanumann Chalisa
Shri Shiv Mahimna Stotra
Shri Vishnusahastranam
Guru Kise Banaoge
Paperback, 12.5x18 cm., 148 pages. Rupees 30
This book fulfills the long-felt need of many spiritual seekers and is an exhaustive treatment of the subject of Guru. Probably no other text may be found that so lucidly and completely covers the subject. The Indian cultural and spiritual ethos accepts the premise that there is no knowledge without Guru and there is no liberation without knowledge. Indian scriptures have the principle that “that is knowledge which confers liberation”. The reference is of course to yoga. The problem of seekers is how to recognize and know a true Guru. This unprecedented book deals with the significance of Guru in spiritual progress, different types and classes of Guru, aall aspects of diksha or spiritual initiation and the qualifications and duties of initiated disciples.

Karma, Gyan, Bhakti Yoga Parichay.
Paperback, 14x21 cm., 46 pages. Rupees 20
This is an introductory and basic text for the curriculum of the Lakuliush Yoga Vidyalaya leading to the award of a qualification certificate at the end of successful completion of four courses of instruction. A holder of such a certificate of the Vidyalaya is qualified to be a yoga teacher. This book introduces yoga and the principle of karma, tattva or element, gyan and bhakti. It also covers the aspects mitahar (moderation in diet, essential to practice of yoga), asan and pranayam and a practical curriculam of fifteen asans.

Mahateerth Kayavarohan.
Paperback, 12x18 cm., 44 pages. Rupees 10
Kayavarohan is one of the sixty-eight ‘ teerthas ' of Lord Shiva extolled in the Purans. It is of particular interest and significance to those in the spiritual lineage of Lord Lakulish, for it is the place of Lord Shiva's appearance on earth in that incarnation. This small booklet recounts the history of this ‘ teertha ' since ancient times and its association with the modern day spiritual lineage of Lord Lakulish.

Manav Jeevan Yatra.
Paperback, 12x18 cm., 71 pages. Rupees 15
The Author's many discourses have covered various subjects essential for the proper understanding of matters critical to the spiritual education and uplift of his disciples and others. Many of these have addressed the territory of what is human life, what is it for, what is its ultimate goal, how should it be lived. This vastly illuminating book brings together his various discourses on these matters and is one of the basic texts for those who wish to profit from his teachings.

Meri Guru Parampara.
Paperback, 14x21.5 cm., 327 pages. ISBN 978-81-88243-07-5 , Rupees 90
“During the twenty-eighth Dwapar age when Dwaipayan, son of Parasar, will be Vyas and Lord Vishnu shall incarnate as Lord Krishna, son of Vasudeva, I too shall incarnate in the body of a celibate and shall be known as Lakulish. The place of my incarnation shall be siddhakshetra and it shall be renowned among men till the earth shall last.”
(Shiv Puran, Shatrudra Samhita, 5:43-50).
This prophesy came to pass nearly 4500 years ago, when Lord Lakulish appeared on earth at Kayavarohan, a well-known holy pilgrimage center in western India. He preached the principles of Sanatan Dharma and the spiritual science of Divine Yoga. His spiritual tradition flourished for nearly 3000 years. With the passage of time, the teachings of his tradition ceased. In 1913 he gave spiritual initiation to Swami Pranavanandji, and thus once again revived his spiritual tradition. The latter initiated Swami Kripalvanandji in 1931 who later became the third spiritual head of the lineage. Four decades later, in1971, Swami Kripalvanandji initiated Swami Rajarshi Muniji and passed on to him the secrets of Divine Yoga. In Infinite Grace, Swami Rajarshi Muni, the present spiritual head of the lineage, narrates the story of the extraordinary spiritual tradition of Lord Lakulish in modern times.

Paperback, 13.5x21.5 cm., 39 pages. Rupees 10
Indian Scriptures say that every human being inherits three debts from the very moment of its birth, those to God, the Spirits of the Ancestors and to human beings. They further enjoin that certain daily rituals must be performed to square up the unsettled account of these debts. Six such daily rituals are prescribed. These are: the daily bath or ablution, sandhya or worship of the Sun, Japa or mantra recitation, Devapoojan or worship of God, Vaishvadev Yajnas or the five sacrificial rites and atithya or hospitality towards the guest. This brief illuminating booklet explains these basics of the sanatana dharma or eternal religion.

Saat Samandar Paar
Paperback, 13.5x21.5 cm., 65 pages. Rupees 15
This book is based on a 1987 discourse of the author on the subject of prarabdha (destiny), purushartha (endeavor) and adhikar (entitlement). Couched in the garb of parables, it delineates deeper experiences of the Author's yoga sadhana and concludes with the findings that endeavor is essential to awakening destiny and further that even endeavor will take the practitioner only so far as his right or entitlement based on his karmas allows.

Paperback,13.5x20 cm., 112 pages. Rupees 50
This is not an ordinary book nor of a kind that just anyone and everyone can write. It requires particular and rare qualification to write a book such as this one. For it deals with the subject of the vital energy which sustains all life, the cosmos itself, which is at the heart of all yoga undertaken as spiritual sadhana and is at the root of spontaneous yoga. Only those who know true yoga from personal practice and have attained a certain level of proficiency and yogic power can transmit the vital force that causes spontaneous yoga in the recipient can impart the wealth that this work gives. This work is essential reading for all those with a genuine desire to understand yoga as it truly is.

Shishya Kaisa Ho?
Paperback, 12x18 cm., 99 pages. Rupees 25
A companion volume to that outstanding work “Guru Keva Karsho?”. It explores all aspects of the concept of shishya or disciple, the entitlement to that position or status, the duties of a disciple and all that is necessary to earn the Guru's grace. The book is replete with examples from Scriptures and thus gains in its instructional and inspirational value.

Sudhabindu Bhajanavali
13x21.5 cm., 152 pages. Rupees 25
Collection of a selection of the Author's nearly 400 bhajans, ghazals, garbas, songs, etc.
Tibet Ke Mahan Yogi Mila Repa.
Paperback, 14x21 cm., 67 pages. Rupees 15
The spiritual lineage within which Life Mission functions is blessed by receiving the knowledge of Divine Yoga from Lord Lakulish himself. Therefore the yoga known and practiced in the lineage is of the highest and purest form. The Gurus of the lineage have consistently declared that they are pursuing the sadhana of the divya deh or divine body, free of old age, disease and death. This is one of Swami Rajarshi Muni's earliest two works in which he has explained to the world the principle of the Divya Deh or Divine Body, in this case from the example of Mila Repa, a Budhhist monk of Tibet who gained this ultimate attainment.

Yoga Darshika Part 1
Paperback, 14x21 cm., 70 pages. Rupees 20
There is a new awakening towards yoga in present times and a genuine desire among people to understand this ancient science. This book has been written for such seekers. It has been prepared with a view also that it might in particular be of practical use to the youth. It is so arranged that the user may receive preliminary introduction to yoga and also reliable guidance for its initial practice. The ground it covers includes systematic instruction on yam and niyam , asan-pranayam , and the benefits derivable from the thirty-five asans included in the book.

Yoga Darshika Part 2
Paperback, 12x18 cm., 80 pages. Rupees 20
This is the first of a series of seven books that constitute the prescribed texts or syllabus for the yoga educational programs of the Lakulish Yoga Vidyalaya run by Life Mission. It presents a brief delineation of the eight limbs of ashtang yoga. It is intended as a guide for the very young and initiates into yoga practice. There is a brief discussion of the eight limbs of ashtang yoga useful for the spiritual and physical development of its users. Instructions on thirty asans along with their benefits are included with a photographic illustration.

Yoga Aur Ayurved
Paperback, 12x18 cm., 97 pages. Rupees 25
Life Mission is conducting the Lakulish Yoga Vidyalaya (founded in 1976) which imparts Yoga education up to Diploma level. The relationship between yoga and ayurved is an old one. The Gujarat Ayurved University is running yoga courses in its nine colleges with the help of the Lakulish Yoga Vidyalaaya since 1989. In 1991, the Vidyalaya extended recognition to the University as its sub-center. Students of the University requested the author to write a book for their use that would bring together in one place essential material for the proper understanding of both Yoga and Ayurved. This book is the result. It is a prescribed text in the University's second year curriculum. It is an excellent guide for all those interested in these twin ancient sciences.

Yoga Dwara Divya Deh
Paperback, 13.5x21.5 cm., 80 pages. Rupees 80
The concept of the Divine Body is to be found in all faiths of the world. The oldest authority for it lies in Indian Scriptures which are at least five thousand years old and contain repeated references to such a Divine Body. The faithful have trusted the principle but remained in the dark about its import and the way of its attainment. There was none till now who could throw light upon it.
Since 1913 the world has been gifted with a lineage of disciplic succession which is in possession of the secrets of the highest yoga and is practicing Divine Yoga for the attainment of the Divine Body. The Author is its present Spiritual Head , an advanced Yogi in his own right, a modern Master who is in a position to explain the ancient and elusive principle.
The book speaks for itself. It is essential reading for all who seek to understand the true Yoga of India and its highest promised fruit. The subject of the Divine Body free of old age, disease and death has never before been so directly and specifically addressed as in this book. It could not have been so addressed except by one in personal knowledge of the territory it covers through his own practice of yoga. No one who reads and absorbs the contents of this work can fail to be convinced of the authenticity of its content or the stature of the Author.