Lakulish International Fellowship’s Enlightenment Mission. [Life Mission]

  • LIFE Mission is a Public Service Organization founded in 1993 on the Divine command of Lord Lakulish, the 28th incarnation of Lord Shiva, by Swami Rajarshi Muni, an advanced yogi and disciple of Swami Kripalvanand.

  • It was registered as a Public Charitable Trust by Government of Gujarat on March 26, 1996, and bears Registration Number E/643/Surendranagar.

  • The central vision behind the establishment of the Mission is to spread moral, cultural and spiritual awakening world-wide on the basis of Indian spiritual and philosophical thought and values and also to teach the precepts and practice of yoga, without discrimination based on caste, religion, nationality or gender. The spiritual tradition has a divine mandate to pursue sadhana with seva or service. Accordingly, the renunciates of the lineage shoulder the responsibility for the preservation of the spiritual mysteries entrusted by the Lord to the lineage and for the enhancement of peace, righteousness and spiritualism in the world through spreading awareness of the tenets and moral and ethical values of sanatan dharma (the eternal religion).   The non-renunciates of Life Mission seek to fulfill the second part of the Lord’s mandate by assisting the renunciate wing in spreading awareness of ethical, spiritual and cultural values and by rendering selfless service to the community in addition to spiritual practice for their own spiritual welfare.

Contact Information

Rajrajeshwardham Jakhan,

National Highway # 8A,

Post Box 27, Limbdi 363 421,

Surendranagar District,

Gujarat India.

Phones: 91-2753-261863.




Contact Persons

Kr. Fateh Singh Jasol (99252 43651),

RV Chudasama (98250 31491),

Arjun Singh Solanki (99252 34663).


  • For more information on the Mission and its work and on the modern spiritual lineage of Lord Lakulish, twenty-eighth incarnation of Lord Shiv, please click on Life Mission.

“One engaged in spiritual pursuits must consider not just his own interest but the public interest as well; he has to do not just tapa, but some tyaga as well. If renunciate ascetics do not become the protectors of cultural values, society becomes devoid of such values and amorality increases in the world”.